client aliases

Using termsend from the client side is very easy, but writing each time, host and in case of ssl server's certificate, might be cumbersome. For that it is advisible to create very simple to use alias. For aliases to work, data should be piped to them like this

echo "test string" | ts
cat some-file | ts
program --that --outputs --data | ts

posix shell

These are aliases that should work on every shell that follows posix standard.


Send data over unencrypted socket using socat program. socat is cool program, as it sends FIN when stdin ends, so there is no need to append termsend\n at the end of transfer.

alias ts="socat -"

Send data over encrypted socket using socat program, use this if you do not need to verify that you are really talking to server and not some man-in-the-middle.

alias tss="socat -,verify=0"

Send data over encrypted socket using socat program and verify that is really valid server and not man-in-the-middle. Note that you should treat all data sent to as public and this example is usefull when you self host termsend and want to have really secure socket. termsend.crt can be downloaded here

alias tss="socat -,cafile=/usr/share/ca/termsend.crt"


netcat is more popular and might be on systemd where socat is not available. But some netcat implementations do not send FIN when all data is sent, so client must either send data to timed-socket or include ending termsend\n string. Also netcat usually does not support ssl.

Note, that netcat program may be called nc, ncat or netcat.

Send data over unencrypted, timed socket. Note that after all data is sent, you will need to wait 3 seconds (or time configured on server) for server to notice timeout to receive link.

alias ts="nc 1338"

Send data over unencrypted socket. This is workaround for netcat not sending FIN packet. This will work with every flavour of netcat.

alias ts="{ cat -; echo 'termsend'; } | nc 1337"


bash specific aliases


For when there is neither socat nor nc available, there almost always is bash present.

alias ts="{ exec 5<>/dev/tcp/; \
    { cat - >&5; echo 'termsend' >&5; }; cat <&5; }"

alias examples

Different various aliases to make life easier. These assume that you already have ts alias defined prior to these ones.

Upload and store link into clipboard

alias tsc="ts | tail -n1 | xclip"